SP Kinesthetic Kids is based on a concept created by Douglas Klaif. The program started in 1999 in a small building on Meridian, in South Pasadena.  In 2001, Kinesthetic moved to the United Methodist Church grounds, located at 699 Monterey Road, where it resides today.  SP Kinesthetic Kids services children from the ages 2 1/2 years (preschool) thru 12 years of age (after school).

Mission Statement

SP Kinesthetic Kids is an alternative method in day care.  Here at SPKK children learn what it takes to be a team player. We encourage a strengthening of individuality through the activities we do.  Family involvement is a necessity, community support is the goal, and success of a child is the reward of it all.  It takes a village to raise a child. 


"Kinesthetic" means the awareness of one's self within their spatial relationship through motion, and "Kids" are the people doing the action.  Movement and motor experiences are crucial to human development, Kinesthetic bases itself on the sensory experiences.  As children move, they learn.  Kinesthetic' curriculum is specifically designed to use the natural environment as a pathway to learning.  Children at SP Kinesthetic will learn through these types of models of play.